Services Battery Service

Your car’s battery needs maintenance to run as long as possible. We’re here to give you that important service.

The heart of your car is the battery. It gives the power necessary to start the entire engine so that you can get moving. Yet, like all parts of your car, your batter can wear out with time. Corrosion, dirt, and just wear and tear can leave you without power. We offer battery service to keep that from happening.

What Is Battery Service?

Battery service is an important car maintenance step that will help you get a long life out of your car’s battery. It starts with inspecting the battery for signs of corrosion. Sometimes, the battery acid and other debris inside your car’s engine can start to build up on the battery terminals, causing corrosion. If we spot any corrosion, we will clean the terminals and battery posts using a foaming cleaner that gets into all of the nooks and crannies. This will give you better performance from the battery.

In addition, we add a protective spray on the terminals to add a layer of protection against any new corrosion. After cleaning the battery, this additional step will help you enjoy a reliable performance for many months to come. 

Finally, our battery service includes battery testing. With our equipment, we can see just how much power is left in the battery so that you can plan for replacement at the appropriate time. 

Battery Removal and Replacement

In addition to this battery service, if you need a new battery, we can help. Removing a car’s battery isn’t as easy as removing the batteries from a flashlight or other small electronic item. Our qualified mechanics can assist with removing and replacing our battery, ensuring that your car has the power it needs to run.

Whether you need to have your battery cleaned or are in need of a replacement battery, you can count on our mechanics to do the job right. Stop in today for a battery inspection or to learn more about how we can help you extend the life of your battery through our battery services.